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The magic box
Be careful what you wish for – how much truth hides behind those words.
Truth I had to learn in an horrible way – truth I had to pay an horrific price for....
It all started with this package I got. It seemed to be a completely normal day. Getting off at 7am, a quick breakfast with a strong coffee and then off to work. But as I got home it was standing there, right on my doormat. It was about half a meter wide and one meter in height.
I half expected the package had been delivered to the wrong house, but a small label with my name on it proved me wrong. Curious what it might be I took it inside. As it finally stood in my kitchen I started unwrapping it.
An old, worn down box was inside. It seemed as if it had been beautifully painted once, but now there were merely traces of it's beauty left. There also was a small bronze sign on the front of it saying 'Magical box of wishes'. Still, what strangest part of it was the completely white top of it. Whereas most the box was in a
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 2
Burn me
I fade away,
slowly decay,
among those stars,
enlighting me,
fulfilling me -
burning me...
I feel comforted,
though also haunted,
addicted to this feel,
though evicted when I need -
when I breath -
I'm burning up...
I'm freezed,
made diseased,
from this feel I shudder,
still I'm bound,
I don't want -
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 0
Shadow and rain
crying out the rain,
slowly caress my skin.
Am I in dark?
Am I in light?
I can't tell.
And I see the marks,
of my old fights,
letting me build this numbing shell.
hides me from,
the worlds cold heart,
that sucks live outta me.
Have I failed?
Have I wronged?
What is it that tears me apart?
And I'm pained,
that the thing that haunts,
me in my heart,
Me, myself,
forbidding good things to come,
got grey, because of me...
covering my pain,
leaving me blind,
so I stay sane...
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 0
Century of tolerance
Welcome to our century,
the one of tolerance,
where you can be the one you want,
as long as you're not different.
Our love is there for everyone
of course, we love you too!
As long as you are not as weird,
as that guy over there!
We don't care about your look,
choose it the way you want!
As long as you don't look as bad,
as that fatty over there!
Welcome to our century,
the one of hypocrites,
where we say "We love anyone",
but actually we don't...
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 6
I think that I am drowning now,
but I guess it is ok.
I feel I'm going wrong somehow,
but I guess I'll find my way.
I guess I'm wandering dark paths now,
without stars giving me light,
but someday there'll be another show,
where I can win the fight.
It seems, that I am falling now,
but I guess I'll rise someday,
Seems all things are crumbling now,
but someday I'll be ok.
I know the rain will stop,
I know that I'll rise up,
:iconlynan:Lynan 2 8
Close my eyes to slip away,
in a world of  fairytales.
Close my eyes, begin to stray
in a place far from all this mess.
So close to what I want,
so close to what I need.
It's so good being happy once,
even though it's just a dream.
I am the beloved hero here,
the golden, shining knight.
All dangers will get wiped away,
and I won't ever loose a fight.
So close to what I want,
so close to what I need.
It's so good being happy once,
even though it's just a dream.
The morning then takes me away,
from the land which is my home.
Just live through this dull, painful day,
waiting for the next night to come,
to dream again....
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 3
Twisted by Lynan Twisted :iconlynan:Lynan 0 8
Locker full of masks
So I'm opening again,
my locker full of masks.
I'm wondering when,
one of my faces will finally last.
One believe changes for another,
'cause I fear others think it's wrong,
I've always asked myself where,
where do I belong?
Changed my faces far to often,
can't tell which one's real,
I watch my own faith rotten,
and my heart begins to seal.
:iconlynan:Lynan 2 2
A wasteland's all that's left,
why can't anyone else ever see it?
'though I never got hit,
every bullet was a weft,
through my heart.
One bullet crushed my belief,
that the world might be in peace,
why is everyone to deaf,
to hear my beg, for an end,
and for relief.
The second killed my trust,
I had in god.
Why else would he allow us,
that our own brothers are shot,
by us.
And I hear the screaming sound,
of machine guns around me.
Don't even know, what's it all about,
but I learned to shoot, while I can't see.
The third one made my hope slip away,
that we are more than beasts,
slicing one others throat.
But any minor threat,
makes us kill,
without letting the other say,
a word.
The fourth one took me down,
while killing my mate beside me,
My mind exploding, my life falling to the ground,
and if there's even a soul, inside me, it can't be, all...why did the medics only take him,
when I also were dead...
And I hear the screaming noise, of machine guns around me,
when I look
:iconlynan:Lynan 2 3
My white is gray
Wasn't there a time, when color was all I could see?
Wasn't there a time when injustice could never be,
never be real?
Wasn't there a time, when my thoughts always were bright?
I know there was a time, when everything was alright,
and pain was something I never had to feel.
But now black clouds want their place between the white ones,
fight isn't anymore in distance,
it's harder to stay on my way,
and I know, that now my white is gray.
Wasn't there a time, when light was the first thing I saw?
Wasn't there a time, when darkness was to far,
to far to reach me?
Wasn't there a time, everything was just a game?
I know there was a time I never cared about fortune and fame,
and loved was all I ever wanted to be.
But that just had to step back for money,
I'm to busy to enjoy time that's sunny,
and I'm a bit ashamed to say,
that it's also my fault, my white just turned to gray.
:iconlynan:Lynan 2 2
Tolerant my way...
Would you tolerant my way please?
'Cause everyone should just be  the way he is,
I don't want to change for other,
why do you even bother,
to change me?
But it seems you're not able to understand,
that it's my uniqueness I try to defend,
so please just let me be!
Actually peace is all I wanted,
and I tried to avoid fight,
but as aggression's so much vaunted,
peace surely can't be right.
So they tell me to change the person I am
and convince me, how insane my belief is,
but I just don't want to miss,
that everyone's personality is like a precious gem.
So would you tolerant my way please?
'Cause everyone should just be  the way he is,
I don't want to change for other,
why do you even bother,
to change me?
But it seems you're not able to understand,
that it's my uniqueness I try to defend,
so please just let me be!
I thought being friendly is what one should seek,
but it seems it only is weak,
seems bullying is way more effective,
if respect is what others should give.
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 0
Young blackbird
The young blackbird, stood at the border of his nest. Today he would make it. Today he would fly and he wouldn't depend on the care of his parents any more. One step closer to freedom. He took one step forward and looked down. It was pretty high.  Very high...Maybe he wasn't ready yet. Maybe he just should wait one more day? He looked back to his mother, searching for help, but she just nodded, with trust in her eyes, silently telling him to go on, telling him, that he was able to do it. Yes! She was right! He couldn't stop now! He made one more step. Now or never! he thought, while he took one more deep breath and let himself fall. It was like time went on much slower now. Panic flooded over the bird, as the ground got closer. What was he meant to do now? He had to remember, what his parents told him. You have to use your wings, move them up and down. Trust in them, they'll carry you through the air. Trust in yourself... Now his memories, of what to do ca
:iconlynan:Lynan 1 0
Last way...
So I'm going up this stair,
and I'm wondering where,
it might lead.
I'm wondering, who misses me,
I'm wondering, who might be,
be sad, 'cause he heard the last of my heartbeat.
Will someone welcome me,
or will I be on my own,
I wonder how it'll be,
'cause before, we can't be shown.
And I hope,
someone will think about me,
will see me,
in front of his inner eye,
and I hope,
he'll be able to smile,
'cause I don't want tears to last,
I want the sadness to vanish fast -  
as long as memory rests.
So I am here,
one step, before something new beginns,
and I might loose old, familar things
but I'm somehow sure, it's nothing to fear....
:iconlynan:Lynan 0 0
The earth's beneath my wings,
and the clouds just cross my way.
I forget about the things,
that made my world hopeless and gray.
Now my colors are sky's blue,
and green, shining from the ground.
Till now I never knew,
what happiness was all about.
But as warm breezes are carrying me,
all over the sky,
I feel how beautifull life can be,
and I'm asking myself why,
why wasn't I ever able to feel like this before?
:iconlynan:Lynan 3 0
Black and white...
Black and white
is the way my feelings are
why can't they ever feel right?
So I'm walking through dark night,
searching just for some light,
that is willing to shine for me,
so that I may finally be,
the one i am,
the one I was,
the way I'll never be again,
because I'm struggling under the fears mass...
Black and white,
is the way,
my look upon things became,
I wish it wouldn't stay,
but I know, from now on it'll always be the same,
the same hopeless life,
the same grey world,
without any encouraging word...
black and white,
I can't stand it anymore!
I wanna fight,
reach the saving shore,
get out of the night,
were my live might finally be,
finally be colorfull,
but still i can't see -
where to go....
:iconlynan:Lynan 4 0
broken dreams by Lynan broken dreams :iconlynan:Lynan 2 5
Meine "Kunstwerke" =)


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No Strings Attached
Sound of the heart beat.
Gentle tapping of the feet.
Fingers clicking, hands clapping;
“slop”, ‘drip’, ‘drop’ of the maid mopping.
Honks and horns of cars and vehicles,
kisses and licks on ice-creams and popsicles.
There’s no need for strings
for a heart that sings.
Everything has a beat, tune and rhythm
life is a movie on mute, without them!
:iconmisstsukii:MissTsukii 18 4
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Well, not anything else to say. Had 10 great days on Borkum but now I'm also happy to be back home.

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Lynan...this is me! I'm German and I'm trying to do Art. Ok, not really art, let's say I'm trying to do pictures you can watch without being instantly death. Well, and as I love reading books, I'll also write some poems or little storys. Probably. So...that's it I just visit my friends...or get ill by watching my art...(;
My brothers's account: :iconsydijah: (I highly recommend visiting his account! But watch out, he might try to eat your brains =P)

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